Stop tracking every expense

Do you get tired of tracking every single expense and their categories. Now you can only track some expenses if you want, and only a small handful of categories. And still stay on track with your finances.

Simplify your financial budget

With a small number of categories, your budget gets simpler. Just a simple guideline to follow.

Compare your budget to target percentages

You have a guideline to follow to help understand how you’re doing with your money. This app helps you win.

Summary view of monthly cash flow

You get a quick view of how your are doing with your monthly cash flow. Do you have a surplus or  a deficit every month?

Create a 50/30/20 budget

See how much of the money you earn is going to what you needs, want, or save.

Reports showing where your money is going

There are bar and pie graph reports to show you how you are doing in a number of different ways, such as how much you’re spending on needs, how much is going to savings, etc.

Sync with other users

If you and a significant other have iPhones, iPads or iPods, you both can download the app and sync your data. This way, you both can help manage the family finances and always know how well (or not well) you’re doing financially.